About Us

The firm of James W. Nakai & Associates, P.C. was established in Colorado Springs in 1979 and became a Colorado corporation in 1984. James W. Nakai, principal and founder of the firm, is a second generation native of the area. Because of this, he has a special interest in the growth and development of Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas.

The firm's thirty-three years of professional history includes a wide range of experience on many project types including quality architectural, planning and additions to a multitude of projects. Our projects exemplify a basic philosophy and organization of the firm, which stress PERSONALIZED WORKING RELATIONSHIPS with clients, a highly professional operation, and a quality of design that incorporates considerations of cost effectiveness, energy efficiency, flexibility and function.

Our philosophy is based upon the concept that each project has its own set of criteria, demands and circumstances; each has a specific site, program, group of users, time requirement and economic parameters related to a budget. A truly responsive design is based upon each of these specific requirements. We offer no stock solutions. Each project undertaken by our office is approached as a UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY to search out the best solution related to the particular set of problems at hand. That solution evolves from a clear understanding of the client's needs and from the desire to opti- mize all of the design variables to create a pleasing environment while maximizing economies. This has proven to be a key factor in successfully retaining multitudes of repeat clients, whom we have worked with on a continual basis.

Members of the JWN&A team have extensive expertise in various projects. This service includes programming, master planning, design and implementation of buildings or a complex of buildings.

Having commenced his professional career in Colorado Springs in the practice of architecture in 1972, as well as being a second generation native of this area, James W. Nakai's history with local regulatory agencies, including code enforcement personnel, is of key importance to the successful completion of your project.

His personal involvement and working relationships with the City Zoning and Planning Departments, Rapid Response Committee, City Engineering Department, City and County Parks Department, City Fire Department, as well as the City and County Departments of Public Works, have provided the solid basis of a continuing, well- established dialogue with all agencies having jurisdiction over your proposed project.

James W. Nakai & Associates, P.C. has had the opportunity to perform professional services on repeat commissions for the follow- ing Public Works agencies, as clients:

  • El Paso County Commissioners
  • El Paso County Department of Public Works
  • El Paso County Department of Facilities Management
  • El Paso County Department of Transportation
  • El Paso County Department of Health
  • Colorado Springs Fire Department
  • Colorado Springs Park and Rec. Department
  • Colorado Springs Community Development Department
  • Colorado Springs Housing Authority
  • Colorado Springs Police Department

Mr. Nakai is completing a 4-year term on the Colorado Springs Fire Department's Board of Appeals.